Engaging Fan Communities with Entertainment Crowdfunding

FanBacked is a FanFundingTM platform for Artists, Producers, and Talent in the entertainment industry to connect with their fans. Our unique features and reporting tools help campaign owners reach higher goals and create an engaging experience for their fans. We offer expert campaign management, professional fulfillment, and manufacturing of rewards for our producers to streamline the fundraising process and keep campaigns on track from launch through delivery.

Why FanBacked?

Because platforms don't drive contributions.Fans do.

We provide professional management and innovative features to help producers better engage with their fans to reach million dollar goals.

Entertainment only.

Browse a curated community of entertainment projects hand selected by our team. Movies, music, and games produced by top artists, directors, and rising stars.

Become a Super Fan.

Support your favorite producers and be a part of the community. Connect through live stream Q&A’s, chat messaging, and join in on exclusive opportunities for campaign contributors.

Earn Free Rewards

Unlock free bonus rewards for the campaigns you have backed by sharing the campaign with your social networks. Become a super fan and spread the word about the campaign.

Exclusive VIP Rewards

Entertainment projects mean Hollywood style rewards. Back campaigns for VIP rewards: backstage passes, prescreening parties, celebrity meet and greets, and one of a kind memorabilia.

Get Insider Access

Join the FanBacked community to get inside access to the best up and coming projects. Top members are invited to our exclusive quarterly networking events in Los Angeles.

Professional Fulfillment

Our producers focus on producing. We provide professional fulfillment and campaign management services to create the best possible experience for campaign contributors.

Professional Management

Our team has raised over $11 million in crowdfunding transactions in the past 4 years. Our expert campaign managers walk you through the unique features of FanBacked and the best practices of a successful campaign.

Campaign Fulfillment

Focus on being a producer, after a successful campaign it’s time to start creating. We take care of fulfilling your rewards. Why waste time packing boxes and printing shipping labels?

Fanda Incubator

We’re committed to our Fan community and Producer’s success. FanBacked will contribute to select campaigns that truly align with our vision for a fan community to help you reach your goal!

More than a Platform

FanBacked is much more than a crowdfunding platform. We provide features and analytic tools to help you raise more funds: live stream chats, robust messaging tools, and much more.

Flexible Deal Structures

No goal? No problem. Have a goal you need to reach? We do that too. Tailor your campaign to the goals of your project or continue engaging with your fans after your campaign has ended.

Gamify Social Sharing

Offer incentives to your most loyal fans who are sharing your campaign with their social networks. Give a free sharing reward to the fans who bring more backers to your campaign.