31 A Rob Zombie Film

By: Rob Zombie

Welcome to my next film 31. It's a fast paced, mean dirty film for those who like it rough. Get on board! Get involved!

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31 Bumper Sticker

This shit is happening because of YOU! So show everyone loud and proud with these 31 bumper stickers. Everyone who has backed 31 already or in the future with any contribution of $5 or more will receive these stickers as well. Let 'em know; THIS SHIT HAPPENED BECAUSE OF ME & RZ.


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Blu-Ray Upgrade

For those you purchased the DVD and now want to upgrade to the BluRay purchase this additional reward.


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Exclusive 31 Swag.

31 Poster, Key Chain, with bottle opener of course and collector 31 Sticker Pack. YOU made 31 happen!


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"31" iPhone case

Exclusive 31 emblazoned iPhone Case with the iconic 31 clown, of course. Fits an iPhone 5 / 5S.


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31 Murder World poster

Created exclusively for this campaign by artist Alex Horley, this wicked new 31 poster shows the demented residents of Murder World ready for some bloody good action! Hand signed.


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"31" Crew Shirt

Usually a crew shirt is only for members of the film crew, but now this limited edition item can be yours. Delivered to you before the movie hits the big screen. Show your friends how cool you are with this awesome shirt. These will not be made available again.


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Signed "31" DVD

Order the film direct from Rob Zombie! This SIGNED DVD will ship the moment it’s made available commercially. No one gets it before you.


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Signed "31" Blu-Ray

Because of high demand: Order the film direct from Rob Zombie on BLU-RAY! This SIGNED BLU-RAY will ship the moment it’s made available commercially. No one gets it before you.


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T-shirt/Hat Combo

Usually a crew shirt is only for members of the film crew, but now this limited edition item can be yours. Delivered to you before the movie hits the big screen. Show your friends how cool you are with this awesome shirt. Top it off with your own 31-beanie.


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The Return of the 31 Shooting Script

If you missed out on the limited edition signed & numbered scripts, you can still get your own copy of Rob Zombie's 31 Shooting Script. These babies aren't signed or numbered but they contain all the same blood, guts and mayhem you'd expect. 31 shooting scripts will never be made available again!


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New Devil's Rejects Poster - Signed by RZ & SMZ

Created especially for this campaign. Get this ultra-rare shot of the cast relaxing on set. I true item for any Rejects fan.


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ONE Meet & Greet with RZ

Planning to see RZ on TOUR this September? Now you can meet him before the show! Meet and snap a individual picture with RZ and his band, get early access to the venue, and walk out with an exclusive poster signed by RZ and the band and an exclusive merch pack. Offer expires 3 business days before each individual show. NO TICKET INCLUDED.


64 out of 100 claimed

"31" Director's Chair

Rob made just 100 of these. The collectable 31 movie director’s chair! Grab one for your home before they are gone. Comes with signed DVD or Blu-ray, signed poster, a T-shirt and its now the ONLY way to get a signed script.


34 out of 100 claimed

ONE Ticket to Cast & Crew Screening

Ever wish you could sit with the cast of a highly anticipated film before the general public? Of course you have. Well, this is it. Sit with Rob Zombie and the cast and also the crew of 31. Comes with a Signed "31" DVD, "31" Crew Shirt, the "31" Movie Poster and the swag pack.


7 out of 20 claimed

House of 1000 Corpses Rare Collectors Bundle

Grab one of the actual crosses from the House of 1000 Corpses cemetery scene and one of RZ's remaining super rare signed movie posters. Rob Zombie has held onto these since making the movie and is opening up his warehouse for YOU. Limited to only 20 bundles for now! These are super rare and when they're gone they are gone. A cool item for any 1000 Corpses fan! Comes with certificate of authenticity.


30 claimed

Special Thanks on End Credits

How many times have you watched the credits to your favorite movie roll by and thought, "man, I wish my name was up there for all to see." Now is the time to make it happen! Get your name listed as a special thanks on the end credits of 31! Comes with a Signed "31" DVD of the movie.


1 out of 5 claimed

Special Effects / Make Up Team

Hang with the actual special effect make up team for a day. Join Wayne Toths legendary team as they make another cult classic with Rob Zombie.


31 claimed

Return of The Lifetime Laminate

Back by popular demand! Unlimited access to every Rob Zombie show.... FOREVER. ONE LIFETIME Laminate, giving you ONE spot on Rob Zombie’s guest list for every show you can get yourself to… FOREVER.


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Michael Myers masks from Halloween

There are only 50 of these left in the world. These are the actual paper mache masks made by the Halloween art department for Rob Zombie's 2007 blockbuster Halloween. These are all hand made, each was used in the film and each is a one of a kind object. Beautifully shadow boxed framed showcasing the mask, signed and numbered by RZ and comes with certificate of authenticity. When they are gone... they are gone.


1 out of 5 claimed

Original Clown make-up Design for the Film 31 by RZ

This is the rarest item on here. one-of-a-kind artwork created by Rob Zombie for 31. RZ has NEVER BEFORE offered up his own personal paintings until now. He has picked only 5 to include in this campaign. This is a huge and very limited opportunity. Hand Painted, one of a kind on 16 x 20 canvas.


3 out of 10 claimed

Be a EXTRA + photo + set visit

How can I be in a Rob Zombie movie? Well, the answer is right in front of you! Be an Extra IN THE MOVIE, hang on the set and grab a photo with Rob Zombie. Bundle comes with a huge trove of 31 exclusive merch items. Also includes special thanks in end credits. Be part of movie history!


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Exec Producer Credit

Become a Hollywood hotshot! Blow your friends minds and become an Executive Producer for Rob Zombie's new film 31. You'll receive Executive Producer credit on screen! Bundle comes with huge trove of 31 merch items and 1 ticket to the cast & crew screening.