What is FanBacked?

FanBacked is a FanFundingTM platform for Artists, Producers, and Talent in the entertainment industry to connect with their fans. Our unique features and reporting tools help campaign owners reach higher goals and create an engaging experience for their fans. Live stream with your favorite artist, access exclusive updates in the VIP room, and earn a free bonus reward for being a SuperFan and spreading the word. We offer expert campaign management, professional fulfillment, and manufacturing of rewards for our producers to streamline the fundraising process and keep campaigns on track from launch through delivery.

Who can use FanBacked?

FanBacked is made for Artists, Musicians, Producers, Atheletes, Celebrities, YouTube Stars, Directors, and Passionate Creators who have a creative project to grow and want to engage the support of their fans. Currently all Producers who create projects on the FanBacked platform are individually approved by our team to ensure quality campaigns and the best experience for our fan community. Campaigns on our platform are shared with our producer's existing fans, but all projects are open to anyone in the world to contribute and receive rewards.

Why do fans support campaigns?

People support campaigns because they are typically fans of the campaign producer. However, anyone is able to support any campaign for any reason they choose. Often times its to receive rewards for your contributions to successful campaigns.

How long do campaigns last?

Campaigns can be run for any amount of time, typically 30, 45, or 60 days is enough to reach your goal depending on your fan base. Fanbacked’s unique Evergreen Campaign feature allows for campaigns to continue after their initial campaign deadline has been reached to continue raising funds for their project. After all the work you did to drive fans to your campaign page, if the contributions are still coming why turn away contributions?

What are Bonus Rewards?

Bonus rewards are an integral part of the campaign creation process that allow producers to offer an incentive for their fans to bring more contributions to the campaign. These rewards are given free to the backers of a campaign that share that campaign through their social networks and convince more people to also become backers and support the campaign. As a fan, after backing a campaign you will be prompted to earn the free bonus reward by sharing your personalized campaign link. Each campaign has a different number of referrals required to earn the bonus reward and will be noted at the end of checkout where the Bonus Reward is listed.

What are the details of a specific reward?

Some rewards have descriptions longer than we are able to fit on a campaign page without going into more detail. If you have any questions about a specific reward contact the campaign owner before making any contributions. For example, meet & greets, walk on roles, and set visits for our celebrity campaigns may have different parameters such as the length of the visit, what you will be able to do, and how many people will be able to join you. If there is ever any question, contact the campaign owner before making a contribution. FanBacked does not manage or accept any liability for rewards listed and how they are delivered.

What are the different types of Campaign funding?

FanBacked has flexible funding structures to suit all types of campaigns and producer’s goals.

  • Fixed Funding Goal - Campaign funds are delivered to the producer (and backers are charged) at the end of the campaign only if the campaign meets its goal
  • Flexible Funding Goal - Campaign funds are delivered to the producer (and backers are charged) as soon as backers start contributing to the campaign whether or not the campaign has met its goal.
  • No Goal - Campaign funds are delivered as soon as backers start contributing to the campaign. Backers cards are charged immediately for any contributions made. The campaign still has a deadline and money raised to that point is delivered to the producer.
  • Hybrid Funding - (Coming Soon) - Contributions are treated as a Fixed funding campaign until your goal is met. Backers are not charged for their contributions until the campaign has reached its goal. Once the campaign has met it's goal, all backers are charged for their contributions and any additional contributions after that point are processed as Flexible funding charged at the time of checkout until your campaign ends.

Does FanBacked Manufacture Rewards?

Yes! FanBacked offers professional manufacturing and printing of rewards. This includes the basics like Tshirts, Hats, Bags, Hoodies, Mugs, Water Bottles, and Stickers, but we also can fulfill custom orders as well like dolls, bobble heads, pillows, and much more. If you are interested in FanBacked fulfillment and manufacturing contact your campaign manager to set up a call with our merchandising department and take advantage of a one stop shop for your campaign. Your approximate costs for the rewards we will be manufacturing will be presented along with graphic samples for each reward so that you will be able to use those on your campaign page during the campaign as well! Who wants to contribute for a T-Shirt without seeing what it will look like? After your campaign is complete and we have an accurate quantity for each of the rewards. FanBacked will invoice you for the cost of the rewards to be paid from the funds you gross from your successful campaign.

What are the benefits of using FanBacked Merchandising?

  1. Professional Service - FanBacked will deliver all rewards that require shipping, handling, and packaging. With over 20 years experience in the merchandise distribution business for entertainment, we will ensure your rewards hit the doorsteps of your backers ontime, everytime. Don’t waste time shopping around for vendors or worry about packing 1000s of boxes after a successful campaign. The last thing you want to do is delay delivery and upset your loyal fans. We make sure everything goes out on time, made with the best quality, and has an unbeatable price.
  2. One Stop Shop - We make it easy for you to conceptualize your campaign from start to finish. Your campaign manager and our merchandising team will be able to create more unique rewards for your campaign. This includes the basics like T-Shirts, Hats, Bags, and Hoodies, but we can also create custom rewards that meet your specific creative needs with items like dolls, bobble heads, pillows, and much much more.
  3. Know your Profit Margin - After a successful campaign the last thing you want to hear is that your T-Shirt reward is actually going to cost you $15 but you only charged $20 for it and did not factor in shipping. Where’s the sense in that? Let us help you accurately price and calculate your rewards and shipping costs so you know exactly what your take home dollars will be after your campaign.

What is the Evergreen Campaign premium feature?

The Evergreen Campaign feature allows for campaign creators to re-open their campaign after the campaign deadline has passed. Successful campaigns that are receiving continued support from backers should never have to end. This type of campaign structure is best suited to certain types of projects that can continue delivering rewards on an ongoing basis. An additional fee is charged for this premium service only on transactions that take place after the campaign deadline has passed. Funds are delivered immediately to the campaign owner as contributions are made. An additional 2% fee is applied only to contributions received after your campaign deadline has passed.

Who do I contact if I have a question about a campaign?

If your question is directly related to the campaign such as your reward, shipping information, or a general campaign inquiry, contact the campaign owner through the campaign page. For all other questions or to resolve any other issues, email us at [email protected].

How do I create a campaign?

Currently all producers who create projects on the FanBacked platform are individually approved by our team to ensure quality campaigns for our backer community. Click Here to apply to be a producer.

How do I edit my campaign?

Campaigns can be edited at any time after launch of your campaign. You can edit your description, rewards, title, and video. The only things that can not be edited are your goal amount and campaign deadline if you have chosen a goal based campaign.

Can I raise money or contribute in my currency?

Currently FanBacked only allows campaign contributions to be delivered in USD to US residents. Backers can contribute to campaigns from all over the world and a variety of currencies are accepted for contributions. All major credit / debit cards are accepted for contributions (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express) from all countries internationally.